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Ain't No Hero

The other day I was getting on BART heading to Peace Wall Park to get my grind on. I saw a kid around twelve years old holding a skateboard a little ways down the platform. When we got on the train he walked through the car and started talking to me about skateboarding. He seemed to be pretty smart and mature, which is a rare sight these days when most kids try to act stupid as possible. Upon parting ways he asked my name, then he asked if I was really a Christian. "Nope, that's just the name they gave me." I said. He looked confused by my answer and responded, "So you don't believe in God?!". All I could think to say was "Only stupid people believe in the simplest answers."

Skateboarding is kind of funny some times. You know that feeling you get looking at a photo or footage of yourself skating? So cool, right?. When I was doing this kickflip it felt so stupid, really low and mob. But surprise, surprise! When I got the film back it looked pretty F-ing Ok. Roll Forever

Blue Cheer

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