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William Theodore Hunter

I once saw Ted nosegrind this WHOLE ledge. You can barely see the other end of this monster, let alone think of getting all the way across it balancing on one truck. It took him about an hour to land it and not once did he complain. In fact I've never heard Ted complain about anything, not the fact that he rides his boards till death or that his toes are always hanging out of whatever sale shoes he bought six months ago. When I think of Ted I imagine Him saying that line in Fast Times At Ridgemont High, "All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine."-Spicoli

Flatbroken: Yo Ted, You Ready For This Interview?
Ted Hunter:Yeah let's go
FB:OK Lets get some stats. name, age, hometown.
TH:Tedrosexual, 25, Stuart, FL
FB:I heard that people move to Florida to retire and eventually die. that true?
TH:Yeah man, like the U.S. southwest it is really humid in Florida, good for the old bones. Grew up just down the road from a "retirement community"
FB:The only time I was in Florida our family car broke down so we spent a week at Disneyworld.
TH:Yeah Disney definitely put Florida on the world map. But I would say it is not a real good representation of Florida. Its like saying you went to California cuz you spent a weekend in LaLa land.I mean Los Angeles...my bad
FB:How was it growing up in Stuart? Is that a small town?
TH:Yeah, the area is mostly agriculture and tourism. Orange groves and Beautiful beaches. I liked it as a youngster, but once I learned about the larger world I began to dislike the politics of the area. Florida is unusual cuz its not really the south but in a number of ways it is. Also it was originally settled by the Spanish coming from the Caribbean so there has always been a Latin presence there. Also as you pointed out tons of people move to Florida from the northern states so it is this unusual sub tropical melting pot built on a swamp.


FB:How'd you get into skateboarding?
TH:In the womb. My mom carved around on a banana board, one of those small, plastic, bright yellow boards that were popular in the 60s and 70s. Thanks Mom. I remember skateboards being around my neighborhood when I was in elementary and middle school. It got to the point where I wasn't really enjoying the team sports I was involved in and skating just worked. You don't really have to rely on anyone but yourself to skate.
FB:Didn't your Mom only eat pizza and drink beer when she was pregnant?
TH:You know, I don't think that was her entire diet but yeah she complained about me being real active and her doctor told her she should try beer and pizza so she did. The 80's man what can I say.
FB:Haha, thats awesome! She sounds tight, skating and drinking beer. Now we know where you get it from.
TH:Have to thank my mom for my penchant for skating and beer. Also she's just a real kind and intelligent lady, so that's what's up.
FB:What do you like to skate?
TH:Down for whatever. Mostly skate ledges and manual pads, but it's all good whatever a session is going down on.
FB:Do you skate PWP everyday?
TH:I wish. Naw man sometimes I will skate there three or four days in a row but no I don't skate there everyday. I live right around the way and I really like the vibe of the Peace Wall. So I go there whenever I can. It is funny because there are so many people I know (skaters and folks who don't skate) just from seeing them at in the park. A few months ago I was skating and a lady came up to me and was real supportive and friendly just talking about how cool it is that all the kids have a spot to skate. I always skate there with out a shirt on and she was trying to give me a shirt, telling me it should be my special Peace Wall T-shirt.
FB:I like that it doesn't feel like a skatepark, but like a real spot. no fences and kind of hard to figure out.
TH:Yeah I agree. We complain when people sit on the ledges or just act oblivious to us skating but that is the beauty of the place. It is as if the city built some ledges and we made them a skate spot. People come up to me all the time and ask, "Are you allowed to skate here?" or "Were these built for skateboarding?"
Front Crook

FB:Lets do some word association.
TH:Alright man
TH:Straight Bay
TH:Daniel Wienstein
TH:Pinball Wizard
TH:Sproul Plaza Saturday
TH:Effortless skating
TH:Berkeley Bowl
TH:Telegraph Ave
TH:Cali green
TH:Umm? Yeah! Where do I sign

TOP 3's
Albums:Stevie Wonder Definitive Collection, Nas Illmatic, Buena Vista Social Club, Biggie Ready to Die, Wu Tang Forever
Books:Giovanni's Room, Beloved, The Third Policeman, Any Shakespeare
Movies:Squid and the Whale, Barbarians Invasion, Clerks
Tricks:nose manual, nollie flip, hill bomb

Nollie Heelflip

FB:I think we have enough. Wanna thank anyone?
TH:Just thanks to Christian Alexander for interviewing this idiot.